Dealer Inquiry

Dealer Inquiry


Magnetite Canada Dealer Inquiry Information

What is involved in a Magnetite Dealership?

A Magnetite dealer receives:

  • The right to use the Magnetite system and products.
  • The right to advertise our products and verified tests
  • Leads from head office
  • The Magnetite business system.
  • The necessary training required to become a skilled Magnetite technician.
  • Access to over 20 years of technical data, product research and development.
  • Access to an established website, sales aids, commercials and videos.
  • A presence and promotion through industry bodies and associations.
  • First right of refusal for new Magnetite products.
  • On-going business support and technical advice.
  • The right to use the established Magnetite name to attract customers.
  • Annual Magnetite Dealership meetings

What sort of qualifications or technical skills do I need?

Our comprehensive training program provides you with all the necessary skills and accreditation to run a Magnetite business. There are no structural alterations to the existing window or building and our system are installed on the inside therefore the Magnetite window system is viewed as a chattel. The Magnetite window system is straightforward and easy to install. Head office is also available as well as our network of dealers for ongoing technical support and advice.

Will I need a store or showroom?

A display room with a variety of Magnetite windows installed is a definite advantage although not necessary.  Many demonstrations are done at the customer premises and therefore can be done with prototypes that can be made depending on the scenario. It is sometimes much easier for a potential client to gain an appreciation of the effectiveness of our system when they see a life-size application on a number of different style windows.

Display models showing the noise and thermal benefits can also be purchased or made and are excellent selling tools.