Dealership Information

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Magnetite Dealership Information

  • What is involved in a Magnetite Canada Dealership?
  • What is my initial investment and what do I get for that?
  • What sort of qualifications or technical skills do I need?
  • Will I need a store or showroom?
  • What sort of competition do I face?
  • What sort of vehicle will I need?
  • What type of tools do I need?
  • What does the future hold for Magnetite Canada?
  • Does Magnetite Canada offer a product guarantee?
  • Qualification
  • The Next Step


Dealership Information

  • Energy Efficient

    Whether we are helping you reduce noise or improve your thermal comfort levels, Magnetite will reduce the need to crank-up the air conditioner or heater. The ultimate result is reduced energy use and more money in your pocket from savings on energy bills.

  • Custom Installation

    Magnetite is custom fit on each job to tailor the installation to the shape and style of the existing window. This ensures optimal performance and aesthetics delivering you the solution you are after. Our slim line frame and ability to cut out of square means Magnetite is ideal for heritage and period windows

    How Magnetite window is retrofitted

    Installation of a discreet subframe allows a clear optical grade acrylic panel to attach inside the existing window frame.  Using continuous magnetic channels ensures a secure and airtight seal around the window.

Our retrofit double glazing systems are designed for a range of application in both residential areas and commercial and historical buildings.

Dealership Information

Will I need a store or showroom?

A display room with a variety of Magnetite windows installed is a definite advantage although not necessary.  Many demonstrations are done at the customer premises and therefore can be done with prototypes that can be made depending on the scenario. It is sometimes much easier for a potential client to gain an appreciation of the effectiveness of our system when they see a life-size application on a number of different style windows. Visit the Magnetite Canada Facebook Page.

Display models showing the noise and thermal benefits can also be purchased or made and are excellent selling tools. Learn More About Dealership Information

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