How Magnetite Works

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Learn How Magnetite Works.

Double glaze existing windows to reduce noise and improve thermal comfort.

How Magnetite Works

How Magnetite Works. Double glazing can dramatically improve the comfort of a room, home or building by reducing the noise and creating a comfortable, stable indoor temperature. Magnetite’s retrofit system allows existing windows to be converted to a double glazed system providing the benefits of double glazing without the need to replace the existing windows. The Magnetite retrofit double glazing system has been designed and tested to work with your existing windows, doors, skylights and glass areas. Our retrofit solution provides proven, tested results and many other benefits.

Magnetite Canada

Magnetite® was developed by Kenneth J. Foster, an energy physicist, in conjunction with the M.I.T. Innovation Center in 1978. He was eventually granted U.S. Patent No. 4473980. Mr. Foster combined the concepts of using an acrylic window, like they use on jet airplanes, and a magnetic seal, which is how your refrigerator door stays both closed and air-tight, to create the most energy-efficient window on the market.

More than 37 years later, Magnetite® is still the best alternative!

storm windows

Stop outside noise, eliminate condensation and save energy Without Replacing your windows!

What sets us apart How Magnetite Works

Service, Quality, and Price. Retrofit double glazing is the addition of a secondary glazing layer to an existing window. Our technology allows you to receive all the benefits of double glazing without replacing your windows. This allows us to provide a cost effective solution for noise reduction, thermal comfort and energy efficiency in your home or office. Visit Our Facebook Page.

Learn About Energy Efficient Windows

Our custom fit extends to our service.  Our storm window double glazing comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing giving you peace of mind that your view and natural light will not disappear. Magnetite Custom Built Services… READ MORE

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