Sales Manager

Magnetite Sales Manager

The Magnetite Group is looking for an experienced Sales Manager who will be responsible for organizing leads, managing Sales Agents, Blog Posting, Social Media Management along with other duties.

You must review and assign sales leads to team members, manage online Chat / Call and perform any follow ups or Sales Support needed.

Organize installment Schedules and appointment calendars. Provide easy and steady work flow between the sales team and installation technicians.

Monitor and Manage Online Sales Transactions. Online Advertising Input and recommendations.

sales manager

You will need to be proficient with computers, sales software and communications. Excellent customer support and sales skills.

Software used: Hubspot, Skype, Slack, Google Tools, Social Networking Websites, PayPal.

So long as you are tied into the Magnetite Sales Hub you can Manage Sales Remotely and Online.

Base Salary: $35K per year.

Hourly: Mon to Friday

9 to 5

$16 per hr

2% Sales Commission

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