Save Energy

Save Energy energy in your home by using Magnetite products. 30% savings on home energy bills. When you install Magnetite you will be keeping cold drafts out from coming through your windows and you will also be keeping warm air in. This will cut down on energy costs that would literally be slipping through your windows.

Your windows can start saving our environment

Magnetite Canada is working with Canadians to ensure your windows will perform for you and the environment.  Due to the thermal conductivity of glass, it’s proven that it is the greatest source of energy loss in any building, with more than 50% going right through your windows. Our storm window double glazing is a sustainable investment with no fixed term that offers a range of energy and environmental benefits.  In many instances our customers recoup their initial investment within the first six years of purchasing our product just on energy saving alone.

Save Energy

Save Energy With Magnetite

Here are some of reasons to invest in Magnetite storm windows energy efficient solution:

  • Energy Conservation and Cost Savings– less energy use and the reduced need for artificial heating and cooling can save you money on energy bills.  Complete replacement provides an extra environmental advantage of avoiding landfill due to the reuse of existing window materials instead of replacement materials
  • Carbon Footprint– interior heating and cooling are a direct cause of carbon emissions, which can be avoided by insulating windows, creating a greener building or home.



The Money You Save On Energy Bills Will Pay For Your Energy Efficient Windows.

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