How to stop leaking windows

October 7, 2016 Andre Zupancic

Stop leaking windows

Stop leaking windows. All too common a problem unfortunately are windows that leak. We don’t pay much attention to it though until the north wind starts to blow and we find ourselves scraping ice off of our windows or putting an extra blanket on at night. Why do windows leak? Depending on the age of your windows, windows leak for a couple of reasons. If you have single pane window, they likely leak because they are old and don’t have any glazing tape or the wood or metal has separated from the glazing. Sometimes this is so prevelant that you can actually hear the wind rattle a window. If you have a double pane window or thermal unit, these windows leak likely because the seals between the stops and the window have broken down. This happens when condensation forms at the bottom of the window. When this condensation falls through gravity into the seals, it will expand and contract breaking down the seal slowly over time. As this gets worse your window leaks more and more. Most windows are constructed to actually leak or breath by design. Although this breathing is not always through the glazing, but through the extrusion or frame around the window. Windows also leak because they have been installed improperly. If a window was installed without having any insulation between the jams and the rough opening of 2×4 or 2×6 then the window will leak behind the casing leaving the user scratching their head wondering where the draft is coming from. The last reason a window leaks is that it was caulked improperly from the outside. A good 1/2″-3/4″ bead of caulking is necessary on the outside where the brick mold meet the exterior to ensure a tight seal.

How do we stop window leaks? In the past, some of the conventional thinking has been to put up iron on plastic over windows, recaulk the outside and inside or reinsulate the window. One fail proof way to do all of these things at once is to install a Magnetic storm window like Magnetite. Magnetite is the only window CSA tested to show 0 air infiltration.

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