Tony Gardner
We have had problems with the heat and cold transfer through our windows and aluminum frames for years. Every day we had employees complaining about the drafts. We considered a complete window replacement but after getting several quotes we realized that the cost was just way too high and it may not fix our problems.

It wasn’t until we heard the Magnetite ad on the radio that we realized there was another solution. So, we called.

A Magnetite engineer was at our site the next day. He quickly determined what our problem was (old aluminum frames with no weather barrier) and left us with the assurance that Magnetite could solve our problems.

Several days later the Magnetite engineer returned with a complete solution to our problem. He was going to create that weather barrier by using a built up wood frame with his product.

Being a little skeptical, we decided to do a test on just five of our windows. We placed the order and within the week Magnetite was on site installing the windows.

Using the engineer’s idea of a thermal break they installed the five windows and what a difference. It not only cut the heat and cold but the street noise too.

Within the next week we had the purchase order made for the remaining windows and they were installed shortly after.

The product speaks for itself. No more complaints from cold employees. It really does work; but what really impressed us was the ease of dealing with Magnetite. The level of communication, knowing when Magnetite installers were coming to measure and install, the Engineer taking the time to explain the product, the special framing and the installation process. This level of customer service just can’t be measured.

Umicore Canada would highly recommend Magnetite Canada to anyone looking to solve their draft and noise problems.

Tony Gardner
Facility Coordinator

Bob and Gail H.
We tried out these add on acrylic panels on our living room windows. Since the whole wall of our living room is glass, the cold coming off of the glass was terrible. My dear wife was always cold sitting in her favourite chair. We had the MAGNETITE panels installed in 2009 and immediately , the cold vanished. So of course, we have now got them on all of our windows. They were installed quickly, cleanly, and without any disruption in our lives. We even found out about dealing with them afterwards as we noticed that there was a small occlusion in one of the panels that could only be seen by looking at it at a sideways view a few days later. After calling about this, the very next day, a new panel was brought to our home and reinstalled. Talk about prompt service !!

To dramatize just how well this system works , last February , at minus twenty something outside, I noticed that a house fly was on my acrylic window. I viewed this and thought to myself “ I have never seen a fly land on a cold surface before “ , but I felt the window and it WAS INDEED WARM , so I laughed to myself that even a housefly enjoys my acrylic windows too! To decide whether or not to get these is literally a “ NO BRAINER !!” . Get them and enjoy the comfort !

Bruce A.
Our home is our castle and my dining room area was very cold indeed in the winter to the point that it was uncomfortable. We saw the MAGNETITE product at a show and was impressed enough to put them on. All the cold was immediately shut off as if by magic. I have recommended this to everyone and I feel good knowing that friends and acquaintances of mine are also enjoying being warmer without having to spent insane amounts of money on new windows that simply are never warm anyway.

Dave and Sue T.
We called about a problem with our magnetic acrylic MAGNETITE panels last year. At least that was my little joke because our problem was that we sold our house and brought a beautiful vintage home that had new style vinyl windows and after living with the MAGNETITE acrylic panels for some five years , the thought of being without them was just ridiculous. We had our entire home fitted professionally and perfectly with these incredible acrylic panels.

This last winter was long and cold ( aren’t they all ! ) and the new set of acrylic panels performed as usual. All the nearby annoying road noise was eliminated, the drafts were totally stopped and our comfort was as we expected it to be. Wonderful ! If you are even thinking about changing your windows, please, save 80 percent of that money and discover the joy of true warmth and comfort.

Edward Jones Office , Don M.
We have had these on since 2007 and just do not consider the cold of winter or the heat of summer anymore. Our offices are quiet although we are situated only 200 feet from one of the busiest intersections in the city. We have large windows in our offices and even though we rent our space, we pay utilities. The funny thing is as well that our landlord has put this in his business too. They are trouble free and require no upkeep at all. We deal in money and this is an investment that you will be guaranteed to make a profit on.

Geatan and Karen A
We have a beautiful country home. We are “ off the grid “ and enjoy being self sufficient. We have a beautiful sunroom that was a three season space until we saw displays about an amazing product from MAGNETITE called magnetic acrylic panels . We asked Roger if we could get an extra three weeks of usage from our 16 x 16 sunroom if we had these installed and were told absolutely not. He smiled and said that this would now be a year round space and told me that my small wood burning space heater would now be my new boat anchor for fishing.

I laughed and told him that he did not know just how cold this room gets in the winter but Roger smiled back and told me that it was I that did not know what was going to happen. The fact that so much of our wall space is glass is the charm of the space but was the huge heat pump that funneled our heat outside but MAGNETITE turned that into a giant heat asset instead. Now, we have fans to distribute heat FROM the sunroom not to it. We have all of our windows done and congratulate ourselves for our wise choice some 6 years ago. And no, I do not use my old wood burner as a boat anchor Ha Ha Ha .

Herb S
We have a condo right downtown and it is just what we like. All except for the windows. They are drafty and spoil the otherwise perfect space we have. We joined in the large group of people from our condo building that have had the acrylic panels from MAGNETITE installed and had the same results. Drafts ? GONE !! , STREET NOISE ? GONE!! , Our happiness ? RESTORED !!!! We were even pleased to know that this wonderful product stops the sun fading that was invading our home. Friends of ours that also own condos in different parts of the city also complain about all the same issues that we had before. Everyone needs these marvelous MAGNETITE panels !

Jerry and Maureen M.
We have a beautiful unique home in a new subdivision and bought the recommended windows. As we have learned that all windows are basically the same and they all leak a huge amount of air and bring cold into our home. This was definitely an unwanted intruder and we looked into how we could rid ourselves of this pest permanently. Fortunately, we found the MAGNETITE acrylic panels and after we had them installed, the cold, drafts and that horrible window sweating are all evicted from our home. The beauty of our woodwork was showcased with the addition of the dark framed magnetic panels and we are extremely pleased about all of it. We have recommended this to everyone and anyone we see. We are so very pleased that we have this product and our home is protected forever.

Joan H
I have a very unique home but with the huge amount of glass we have it was also prone to cold and window sweating. The Magnetic Acrylic panels stopped all of the problems. Completely !!! I feel good knowing that I have the same product on my home as what has been on jet aircraft for almost seventy years. Professional, exacting and precisely as promised. That is what the standard should be for all contractors. I proudly proclaim them and have the evidence in my own home to prove it.

I have a character home and I love the quirks but the drafty rooms and cold floors are not part of the charms. We love the warmth and they are a very pleasant addition to our home. They should be everywhere !

Michaels Hair Design Michael M.
Our salon faces onto over 300 feet of blacktop asphalt. I have an incredible building that is almost totally glass that faces east, south and west. We upgraded our air conditioning to the absolute maximum but still we had insanely hot temperatures inside my business due to the heat of summer and heat reflecting from the asphalt. I, frankly, was desperate. I contacted Roger to come and try to work some magic and tried out a few panels in an isolated area and the results were amazing. We then arranged to have the entire shop done. It was completed on time, exactly as promised. Our air conditioning system now easily handles even the hottest of days with no problems. This product is excellent !!

Steve S
I have a big bay window that sweated constantly. Or at least it did before I put on our MAGNETITE window panels. Seamless, effective and very affordable, these professionally installed window additions not only absolutely stopped the sweating as promised but were a fifth of the cost of putting triple paned windows that are NOT promising zero condensation. I hate to waste money and this is truly a real investment. I proudly recommend them .

Roger and Barb V
Simply put, we have new windows that sweat water. This situation is going to ruin our windows and walls and we needed to stop it. We met a person that put in the MAGNETITE acrylic windows and, as promised, it all stopped immediately. Changing one window that sweats water for another one that sweats possibly a little less water for an obscene amount of money is something that does not make any sense to me. MAGNETITE panels do make sense because they work. Period.

Tom and Erin S
We have incredibly beautiful oak trimmed triple paned windows. They were getting destroyed by window sweating. We invested a lot of hard earned money to make our home look like it does and to let water ruin it is a crime. We heard that the acrylic panels from MAGNETITE stop this condition and gambled that it not only would work but also not ruin the beauty of our home. We have achieved both objectives with incredible results. Not only has the sweating stopped, but the dark framing choice amplifies the look of the woodwork and makes it look better than ever. This is truly a product that should be used universally.

Brian Kelly
This is one impressive company and one impressive product. I have a Heritage Act designated home and I needed to replace my 52 storm windows. I spoke with Andre the owner a year ago who came to the residence and measured all of the windows. I had never met him before. This year I decided to go with the product and the product is beyond impressive. The draft from the windows is gone. The noise from outside has been completely ameliorated. You cannot tell they are on the windows because they match up so well – they are virtually invisible. As storm windows, they come off in no more than ten seconds each. From an engineering standpoint, they represent nothing short of an elegant solution to what would otherwise be window replacement at an atrocious cost. They completed the work in one day. This company’s service was exceptional and all follow up was immediate. I would recommend this company to all who inquire. Good work to you Andre and your crew.

Woodys’ Trailer World.
Our building was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Extra heaters plugged in, fans running all over, this is not a good work environment. We installed the MAGNETITE magnetic acrylic panels and now our display area is warm and comfortable. Something else that was not expected was that all of our display stock now has the packaging staying looking as brand new even in direct sunlight.

We even had a situation a few years after the addition of the product whereby we had an ice dam form on the roof of our building and water backed up and loosened some of the galvanized steel framing to the point that it caused damage. After one call, the new pieces that were required were installed and everything brought back to perfect condition. It is very comforting to deal with people that go far above and beyond the call of service. I recommend them entirely to everyone.

Day Inn Motel
I saw an advertisement in the newspaper about a company that promises to rid window condensation forever. This hotel has over two hundred rooms that had a large amount of that sweating due to fact that every other aspect of the building construction is far above “code “. I asked the person “ is this like when I buy water resistant gloves and my hands still get wet ? “ . The answer was “ no, this is like being a little bit pregnant .” I was very skeptical to say the least. I told him that a trial would have to done first to prove such an outlandish claim of impossible results.

No other window company has ever dared say that and mean i t. The test room had ice on the window over a foot high and a quarter of an inch thick when we entered it. After the installation, I informed them that this was a suite with two queen beds and a pullout couch and this room was going to be rented every day and people would forget to run exhaust fans and do other things to exasperate the sweating condition. All I was told back was “please, just leave the window alone and the MAGNETITE windows would solve all of the issues.”

This was in the month of January 2009 in Thunder Bay Ontario and it stayed at minus 30’s for over 6 weeks that year. Ten days of trial convinced me. Those two windows in that room were the only two crystal clear windows in the entire hotel. The rest of the hotel was done efficiently, on time, and with zero impact onto our guests and to this day, some 6 years later, we still see the investment doing what it is supposed to, without any work or further input from me or my staff. Simply amazing.