3 Reasons Why You Need Storm Windows to Reduce Noise in Your Toronto Home

February 1, 2019 Andre Zupancic

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Storm Windows. Have you ever been woken up early on a Sunday morning by your neighbor’s noisy lawnmower? Does the sound of traffic keep you up at night? Undesired background sound is a widespread problem in cities and suburban communities, and its effects can negatively impact one’s health and quality of life so much that we give the phenomenon a name: sound pollution.
Of course, you can’t always prevent noise pollution from occurring. Your neighbors will mow the lawn, airplanes will fly overhead, traffic will continue to honk horns, and you must vacuum the carpet every now and again. However, there are plenty of strategies for protecting yourself against noise pollution.
From simply buying a rug to installing home, soundproof storm windows, consider these tips to protect your hearing and improve your house’s sound environment.

1. Headphones and Ear Plugs Aren’t Practical

It’s hard to argue in favor of any solution that requires you to reduce your hearing. Headphones and earplugs can help you overcome noise pollution, but they are an intrusive method to this problem.
If anyone in your family uses earbuds when listening to music, a good rule of thumb is that if you can hear the audio clearly from a distance, the volume is too loud and can cause hearing damage. When you’re using headphones, listen at 60% volume at most for no longer than an hour.
Another solution is storm windows for your Toronto home.

2. White Noise Doesn’t Always Work

Plenty of smartphone apps offer white noise generators and sound masking. Masking is a tactic where a constant background sound is used to drown out more unpleasant sounds such as construction work or traffic. Many videos on YouTube feature relaxing jazz and nature sounds intended to be listened at low volume for this reason.
If background sound is a serious problem for you, consider investing in active noise-canceling headphones. Most headphones feature passive isolation, in which the physical seal of the headphones blocks out sounds. More expensive options feature active noise-canceling, in which the headphone drivers themselves generate their own sounds to counteract outside noise.

3. Soundproof Your Home

Sometimes, it’s a better idea to reduce the noise pollution rather than to drown it out. Well-designed auditoriums and recording studios take advantage of how easily sound is absorbed. You can do the same to an extent in your own home.
Soft carpets reduce noise better than hardwood floors. A budget variant is cushy rugs in noisy areas like laundry and living rooms.
Look to your windows, which are one of the most significant sources of sound leakage in residential homes. If outside noise is a significant issue in your household, think about investing in home soundproof replacement windows.
You can also rearrange the furniture. Cushions, blankets, curtains, and sofas absorb sound coming through the walls, so place objects like these along the wall for best results. Finally, the next time you use the dishwasher or laundry machines, start the cycle right before you leave the house for a while.

Magnetite Canada | Sound Reduction Storm Windows Toronto, Barrie, and the GTA

As mentioned, soundproofing your windows is a huge step in reducing noise pollution in your residence. Consider getting home soundproof replacement windows with Magnetite Canada. The best aspect about these windows is that they’re retrofit from the inside and are attached with suction, so you won’t have to worry about changing the entire window.
Whether you live in Toronto, Barrie, the GTA, or any other noisy metropolis area, pick up your home soundproof Magnetite Canada storm windows today.

Storm Windows Info

• Noise isolation should be a priority for any residential homeowner, especially those living in noisy environments like cities and heavily-populated suburban areas.
• Combat noise pollution with noise masking and soundproofing.
Contact us at Magnetite Canada for a better night of sleep and better concentration during the day with home soundproof storm windows which are actually installed from the inside of your home.

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