Window Film

Window Film

Window Film

Window film is an inexpensive alternative for reducing cold drafts from entering through your windows. Window frame or glass damage can contribute to cold air entering your home and window film is a perfect temporary solution.

What is Window Film?

 A plastic of different thicknesses that is measured out and cut to fit over a complete window and frame. Adhesive such as tape or glue is used to create a temporary bond that fits around the window frame preventing anything from entering through the window such as cold air, bugs etc.

Designed for Indoor Use

For optimal performance use film on the inside window frames and doors. Theoretically this can also be used on the outside exterior of windows or both inside and outside.

Window Film Shrink Plastic

Shrink Wrap Seal

Use a blow dryer and follow instructions of standard shrink kits in order to solidify a tighter bond around window frames.

Stores That Carry Window Film

Canadian Tire | Home Hardware | The Home Depot

Plastic Wrap

Plastic Rolls

Plastic film is a cheap way to temperately keep out drafts. Ideal for windows and doors that are under construction or in need of heavy repair. Sealing your window frames in plastic can reduce heat loss and therefore lowers energy consumption.

Drawbacks: Plastic is temporary and makes your windows inaccessible. You will need to remove and re-due the process if you need window access. NOT aesthetically pleasing.

Other Window Film Types Include:

Decorative plastic sheets depicting patters or pictures that are measured and cut out to the exact size of the widow glass. They are then applied in most cases with water and stick to the window. Stained glass effects can be achieved along with 1000’s of other patterns. This type of window film does not reduce cold air from entering and is for cosmetic purposes only.

decrative film

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Vinyl Windows

Acrylic Storm Windows and Retrofit Double Glazing Vinyl Windows

Seals windows of air leaks, reduces noise pollution by 70%, improves indoor comfort, eliminates dust and pollen infiltration, increases the value of your home. A fraction of the cost of buying new windows and 30% savings on energy bills. You clip windows on and off allowing for access and vinyl windows can also be customized with Retractable screens.

Retractable Window and Door screens

Retractable Screens. Should you have the need to add screens to your windows or doors  a high end window screen that is both functional and durable can be used. Coupled with the vinyl window insulating system this allows you to open your windows as you would have in the past and keep the bugs out.

Retractable Screens

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