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Commercial Services and improving the bottom line

Our storm window retrofit double glazing solution is ideal as it’s slim line frame suits all window types, installation causes minimal disruption to your commercial business.

All businesses strive to improve the quality of their work environment and improve their profitability.  Unfortunately, the windows in office building are often a major source of heat loss and noise pollution in a building therefore, many properties need to upgrade their existing windows.  Our storm window retrofit solution double glazing solution is the answer to improving many of these problems. Additionally, Offices and storefronts have issues with harmful UV light that damages computers, office equipment and merchandise. Magnetite also combats this blocking out 99% of harmful UV light saving your products and keeping them lasting longer. Magnetite has managed commercial projects with many needs including:

  • acoustic and thermal insulation
  • increased energy efficiency and sustainability
  • occupant comfort and amenity
  • UV light protection
  • privacy

The Magnetite storm window retrofit double glazing solution is ideal for existing buildings because it’s slim line frame suits all window types, installation causes minimal disruption to your business and once installed it does not alter the exterior appearance of the building or external views.

Commercial Services Storm Window Retrofit Double Glazing Solution Canada

Our Experience

Our commercial experience across different market sectors allows us to understand the unique business drivers and challenges our clients face. Magnetite has

installed retrofit double glazing in:

·         Office Buildings ·         Government Buildings
·         Hospitals and Medical Offices ·         Heritage Listed Properties
·         Schools and Universities ·         Industrial
·         Hotels, Motels and Restaurants ·         Infrastructure Noise Abatement Projects

Our experience in the industry since 1995 and our network of 2000 installers across Canada ensures you receive expert knowledge combined with benefits of exposure to different climates and built environments.

We assist building owners and managers control their retrofit double glazing projects with clear communication and defined work plans.

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