Vancouver Acrylic Storm Windows and Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

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Vancouver Soundproof Windows

Vancouver Acrylic Storm Windows

Here at Magnetite Canada we specialize in Acrylic Storm Windows Retrofit Double Glazing Windows. If you are interested in saving money on energy bills you can use our energy efficient windows that keep the heat in and the cold out. We also have soundproof windows that help eliminate 70% of outside noise and allow you to have a quiet and peaceful home environment.

Due to the principals of glass, your windows are the greatest conductor of noise in a building.  If your home or office is near a train, airfield or busy highway you are aware of noise pollution which can impact your quality of life.  This also has a detrimental affect on your comfort, property value and health.

Magnetite Canada’s retrofit double glazing is a simple and affordable way to solve these noise problems.

How does noise travel through your windows?

  • Sound vibrates from the outside which conducts noise leading to increased internal noise.
  • Leaky windows and poor seals will cause air infiltration between window joints.

To reduce sound infiltration a window system should have minimal air infiltration, possess an insulating air cavity and have enough weight to limit acoustic vibration.

Magnetite Canada’s Answer

Vancouver Acrylic Storm Windows Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Our double glazing retrofit system is unique and is designed specifically as an interior and secondary system.  We magnetically attach a virgin acrylic grade  glazing panel to the interior of your existing window.  This creates an airtight cavity between the window and your Magnetite system.

The air cavity acts as an insulation buffer against noise transference and seals air infiltration and drafts, which cause noise.   Our product has been CSA tested to allow virtually zero air infiltration.

Vancouver Acrylic Storm Windows Retrofit Double Glazing Windows

Your windows can start saving our environment

Magnetite Canada is working with Canadians to ensure your windows will perform for you and the environment.  Due to the thermal conductivity of glass, it’s proven that it is the greatest source of energy loss in any building, with more than 50% going right through your windows.  Our storm window double glazing is a sustainable investment with no fixed term that offers a range of energy and environmental benefits.  In many instances our customers recoup their initial investment within the first six years of purchasing our product just on energy saving alone.

Here are some of reasons to invest in Vancouver Acrylic Storm Windows Retrofit Double Glazing Windows.

  • Energy Conservation and Cost Savings– less energy use and the reduced need for artificial heating and cooling can save you money on energy bills.  Complete replacement provides an extra environmental advantage of avoiding landfill due to the reuse of existing window materials instead of replacement materials
  • Carbon Footprint– interior heating and cooling are a direct cause of carbon emissions, which can be avoided by insulating windows, creating a greener building or home
  • Compliance – The Canadian government has mandated their goals toward energy efficiencies. Institutions such as CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp) have already acknowledged the value of magnetic storm window products further endorsing our product.

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