Old, Drafty Windows Are Sucking Away at Your Energy Bill

February 1, 2019 Andre Zupancic

Drafty Windows Information.

Why You Need Storm Windows in Toronto

Are your heating bills higher than they should be? There is a good chance your windows are to blame. Whether drafty, damaged, or just inefficient, windows are typically the biggest drains on your budget in the winter or summer months.
But what can you do to stop money from literally flying out the window? These simple tips can save you hundreds on HVAC bills.

Reflecting Light

Pick up some window shades, blinds, or even awnings in the daytime to reflect the sun’s rays away from the windowsill. The color white is most effective for this purpose as it reflects more light than other colors. If interior lighting is your main concern, think about dimming electrical lamps inside if sunlight from the window can do the job.
Another benefit to curtains is that they reduce the airflow across a window, which can otherwise increase heat loss in the winter.

Dealing with Drafts

Know how to deal with drafts. While most heat is lost through conduction on the glass, sometimes air passing through openings eats away the most at your budget. You can check for drafts by holding a candle along all the corners of a window. If the flame flickers at any point, you have a draft.
The window should close snugly, but if the seal isn’t strong enough, your next step is to replace the weather stripping. Clean out the dirt that collects alongside sliding windows and make sure they seal properly. Sealant foam for weather stripping is available at a low cost at most hardware stores.

Preventing Water Damage

Water particles conducting on the window pane might cause water damage over time. If you find water droplets forming on the inside of a window, try reducing the humidity in your home. Sometimes, condensation is a sign cold air is seeping through to the internal side of the window.

Insulating Layers

Invest in double-pane storm windows with insulation layers between that stops external radiation from generating heat inside the home. This feature is common in modern windows but almost never seen in antique models.
Installing residential energy-saving replacement windows doesn’t have to be expensive either. Some services offer retrofit options that are cheaper than complete replacements.

Complete Replacements

If you’re out there shopping for more efficient window replacements, you should understand two metrics used to measure energy efficiency: “U factor” and “low E.”
“U factor” is a measure of how fast heat moves through the entire window. The lower the factor, the more efficient the window is.
“Low E” is a coating on glass panes that reduces heat conduction from the sun. Such a coating helps improve efficiency at an extra cost.

Magnetite Canada | Storm Windows in Toronto – Barrie – GTA

Plan on getting residential energy-saving replacement storm windows, and you’ll find they’ll pay for themselves. Magnetite Canada is offering retrofit windows to homes across Toronto, Barrie, and the entire GTA. The best part about these windows is that they’re retrofit from the inside, removing the need to replace the entire frame.
In addition to efficiency, you’ll also get the benefit of soundproofing. If your family is constantly annoyed by outside lawn mowers, traffic, or overhead airplanes, these residential energy-saving replacement windows are the answer to a better night’s sleep.

Drafty Windows Waste Money

• Your windows could be sucking away at your home’s energy budget and reducing the effectiveness of your home heating and cooling system.
• Think about installing window blinds, patching up drafts, and adding insulation to your windows to prevent energy loss in the cold winter or hot summer.
• If energy-wasting windows are a problem for you, contact us at Magnetite Canada for a much-needed upgrade to retrofit residential energy-saving replacement windows that will extend the life of your HVAC system and reduce heating/cooling bills by as much as 30%.

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