Retrofit Replacement Storm Window

September 28, 2018 Andre Zupancic

Retrofit Replacement Storm Window

Noise Reduction for a Better Sleep

Retrofit Replacement Storm Window. Magnetite Canada is a provider of retrofit windows installed from the inside using magnetic power to seal the new window to the existing one. Called retrofit double glazing, we add a secondary glazing layer to your existing window. Our system is economical, energy saving, and offers noise reduction. These benefits along with the savings, compared to window replacement, make Magnetite Canada your best choice for energy and cost savings as well as noise reduction. Our team works with residential and commercial soundproof systems that keep out unwanted noise. We can assess your home or business to see if the Magnetite Canada system will be a good fit for your space. Our commitment to the highest quality customer service combined with our track record make us the reliable choice for retrofitting your existing windows. Saving energy and reducing sound without replacing your windows is our mandate

Retrofit Replacement Storm Window

Get all the Benefits of a Restful Sleep with Window Soundproofing| Magnetite Canada

There is a great deal of emphasis today on the benefits of a good night’s sleep and the negative health effects of poor sleep. The benefits of a good night’s sleep include, among other things, stress reduction, memory improvement, lower blood pressure and weight maintenance. On the other hand, repeated instances of poor or interrupted sleep can result in things like memory issues, mood changes, weakened immunity and risk for diabetes. Long term health effects of poor sleep are also consistently shown to be negative. Armed with this important health information, it is best for people to reduce sleep disruption as much as possible, and one important way to do that is by ensuring a home soundproof window system via Magnetite retrofit replacement storm windows. We may not think of reducing outside noise disturbances, including traffic, neighbours and even barking dogs or other animals, but studies have shown that sleeping in a dark, cool, quiet environment is the best sleep hygiene you can practice for your continued good health. To achieve this, Magnetite Canada installs custom made replacement storm window systems that attach to your current window to eliminate unwanted noise. This window system is a fraction of the cost of full window replacement and due to energy savings, the systems pays for itself in an estimated six years. Let Magnetite Canada help ensure a restful, recharging sleep with a home soundproof window system.

About Magnetite Canada |Glass vs. Acrylic | Noise Reduction Replacement Storm Windows| Toronto and GTA

Magnetite Canada is committed to the highest level of customer service and we believe this is the key to our continued growth and success. Our business has been serving Toronto and the GTA for close to 40 years, and we look forward to many more successful years serving our valued clients. We provide retrofit window insulation solutions to promote noise reduction and energy savings in both commercial and residential buildings. By using acrylic instead of glass, you will receive better insulation and soundproofing. Magnetite’s acrylic panels let through 1/6th the heat that glass does. Acrylic is stronger and safer than glass and blocks harmful UV rays. Once your windows are complete, they will be fully operational and offer the best noise reduction on the market today, without the added cost of window replacement. Our knowledgeable team will assess your needs and make a recommendation that will work best for your home or business. Our 10 year warranty on all installations is our promise to you that work will be done quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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