Window condensation

September 8, 2016 Andre Zupancic

Window condensation and what you need to know.

Information About Window Condensation

All too common unfortunately is window condensation. Why does this happen? Their can be a number of factors that contribute to condensation on windows. One of which is a higher than usual level of humidity in the given living space. The ideal relative humidity level for comfort and health should be somewhere between 40-50%. Anything higher than this will result in condensation forming on windows made out of glass especially when their are colder temperatures outside. Condensation is obviously not desirable for a number of reasons. Firstly, condensation if not monitored, will eventually result in mold growth. Studies show that mold festering can lead to serious health ramifications. The second problem with condensation is related to the life of the window. When condensation forms on a window it typically rests on the sill of the window. This falls into the cracks of the stops of the window which as the weather gets warmer and colder will expand and contract. This will cause the thermal unit of the window to fail. Once the thermal unit fails on the window it will begin to fog and subsequently loose its clarity thus defeating the purpose of the window. With a Magnetite acrylic panel placed on the inside of the window very little condensation if any will have an opportunity to appear. Due to the fact that Magnetite’s panels are made of acrylic and magnetically sealed solves this problem. Find More info on our Facebook Page.

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