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Save up to 30% on your energy bills and reduce outside noise by up to 70% !

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Why should you use Magnetite Canada?


Noise Reduction

Stop Cold with our retrofit double glazing can reduce noise by up to 70% through your existing window


Fits Existing Windows

Double glaze existing windows by retrofitting a secondary glazing panel


Energy Efficiency

Make your windows perform for you and the environment

Stop cold

Thermal Comfort

Cool in summer and warm in winter, create a comfortable environment


Custom Installation

One of the great advantages of Magnetite’s retrofit double glazed windows is its convenient and fast installation that is custom fit to your window. 


Service & Value

Magnetite believes that excellent service is integral to our business and our success. We are a service focused business that works with you to provide retrofit window insulation solutions to reduce noise and energy consumption within buildings.

storm windows

What our customers think of us

“I have a heritage home and I am very much a person that knows exactly what I want. To change my beautiful 100 plus year old windows with those new PVC things is not my cup of tea. I learned about the acrylic panels from MAGNETITE and I had them installed in my home. They were installed seamlessly and blend in so well into the aesthetics of my home that they are invisible.”

“I live in a nice condo complex right beside the CN rail line. The noise was annoying but it was the drafts and cold coming off of these windows that was the real pest. MAGNETITE acrylic panels were installed. These are virtually invisible panels and now my drafts and cold are gone.”

“We tried out these add on acrylic panels on our living room windows. Since the whole wall of our living room is glass, the cold coming off of the glass was terrible. My dear wife was always cold sitting in her favorite chair. We had the MAGNETITE  panels installed in 2009 and immediately , the cold vanished. So of course, we have now got them on all of our windows.”