Secondary aluminium window system

Soundproof your existing windows

m2The Soundtite secondary aluminium window system is specially designed to reduce noise through an existing sliding window or sliding door. The system can be designed to slide horizontally or vertically to match the existing aluminium window function and design.





Features & Benefits

  • Powder coated aluminium frameMatch existing windows to ensure your view is maintained
  • 6.38mm or 10.38mm laminated glassAcoustic glass, to provide the best noise reduction
  • Acoustic sealsDurability and performance with a seven year warranty
  • Windows are lockableAdded security for added peace of mind

Soundtite is installed on the inside of the building to ensure maximum sound reduction and minimal impact on the appearance of the building’s exterior. All window sashes can slide for ease of cleaning and operation.

Acoustic Testing:

m3Independent tests have demonstrated that Soundtite improves the soundproofing of your existing window to achieve an acoustic rating of Rw42. These tests were conducted with 6.38mm thick glass combined with a 100mm air cavity. These results can be improved by upgrading to a 10.38mm glass or increasing the air cavity further.




Soundtite is an ideal soundproofing solution for both commercial and residential building. The system has been widely accepted in the Hospitality sector due to its

  • Durability.
  • Aesthetics
  • Easy of use
  • Soundproofing